Shadow masks are micro-stenciles used for deposition, etching, and a variety of other applications to process a substrate. Our proprietary Micro-edge deposition mask process delivers sharp edges and tight tolerances.

Shadow mask with tight edge
Shadow mask with tight edge

Photo Sciences Micro Edge Shadow Mask Gallery

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Specifications offered:

Shadow mask size: Variable from 5mm to 200mm
Substrate: Nickel over Brass typical / Other configurations possible
Base substrate thickness: .025mm to .25mm (.001″ to .010″)
Nickel foil: .001mm to .010mm (.007mm average) / Other configurations
Smallest opening: .020mm typical / .005mm tightened
Smallest space between openings: .020mm / .010mm tightened
Critical feature tolerance: .010mm typical / .002mm tightened


While we have exceptional processes for building your shadow masks, it’s important that you take into account structural design integrity with regards to the final outcome of your product. 

Optionally, Photo Sciences can encapsulate your deposition mask in nickel or gold.

Acceptable file formats,
digitizing services and turn time:


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